SRMNH COVID Adaptations

Who are we?

This repository is run by researchers in the fields of sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn health. It is coordinated by Dr Lenka Benova at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium. The Global Study of Maternal health Provision during the COVID-19 Pandemic Solutions and adaptations working group involved in this repository has members from around the world.

Why is this repository needed?

We have identified an urgent need to document and share solutions to problems/issues of sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn health provision during the COVID-19 pandemic. Concrete lessons and adaptations from previous epidemics, such as Ebola and Zika, are near impossible to find in the written literature (although of course they still exist in presentations, reports, webinars, notes and people’s memories). We fear many of the innovations/solutions thought of and tried by health providers, health facilities, districts, NGOs, and Ministries in response to COVID-19 will be lost as well.

Where does the information in this repository come from?

In this repository, we have gathered adaptations and solutions from multiple sources, including open submissions to a form (available in multiple languages), resources shared on the internet, published scientific papers, and our research studies. Responses received on the Google form are screened by ITM researchers before being made publicly accessible on this repository.

How can I get in touch?

Would you like to submit an adaptation, innovation or a challenge you have experienced? Please complete this form. Would you like to reach our research team? Please email Dr Benova at You can also follow our research group on Twitter: @SRHGroup_ITM